Want to sing your heart out? Feeling blocked? Let me help you find your voice.

Coaching and bodywork for singers
I will guide you into seeing and healing your own mind/breathing patterns that stand in the way of singing freely.
We will work on mental, physical and emotional levels.

The technique we will use is based on the idea that breathing, the ability to move and emotions are connected. It will change personal fears and behaviour. In finding answers through guided concentration, a lot of stress, strain and fysical blocks will be released. The singing voice will largely improve when old fears and traumas dissolve.

For singers who are (temporarily) blocked physically, emotionally or creatively, I can show a way out, teach another
approach of matters.

How does it work:

Preferably you will sing for me so I can use my abilty to 'hear/see/sense' where the body/breath is blocked and work from there.

What I will look at is based on the following ideas: Our bodies want no physical or emotional pain, certainly not long lasting pain. As part of an ancient reflex system that we have, the body will always try to avoid and overcome unpleasant feelings
and situations and will therefore often use breathing to adjust favourably to circumstances.
These so called unaware body and breathing changes or decisions are always well meant as they have to do with protection.
To this aim certain area(s) of the body may be ‘closed off' emotionally or certain areas may be more activated than others. When in trouble, this may seem a good solution for the moment and even a relief but on the long run may become an obstacle. Since we are mostly ‘unaware' of such decisions our normal thinking patterns usually cannot undo them.

We may recognise these ‘wrong decisions' when we experience a feeling of not being able to get in touch with a certain area of the body, something vague: although physically everything seems to function perfectly and the body or part of the body is by no means paralysed. Yet, something, an intensity, may be lacking and the singer cannot achieve certain results.
Nobody seems to understand why, because technically speaking it should be possible….

The undoing of such breathing patterns that have become obstacles can be done with full awareness (and a little guidance).
I help singers to recognise mixed up breathing patterns in the body, discover the why's and how's and make conscious decisions about letting go of previously developed protection patterns that stand in the way of a clear and flexible singing voice. The sessions are intensive and will take up to 2 hours. The results are liberating for the mind and the voice.

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